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  Re: Interesting Shape  
From: m@b
Date: 10 Dec 2021 19:47:09
Message: <61b3f50d@news.povray.org>
On 11/12/2021 8:23 am, Dave Blandston wrote:
> This shape has intrigued me for years and when I tried to reproduce it with
> POV-Ray I initially failed. I know it would be trivial for the rest of you guys
> but I had a difficult time with it and I had to cheat to figure out the angle
> for the facets. I first saw this shape in the M. C. Escher lithograph
> "Reptiles."
> Have a blessed day everyone!
> Kind regards,
> Dave Blandston

Well done - I made some similar shapes in a recent project, so I know 
how a seemingly simple shape can be a devil to model.


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