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  Re: Geometric dome  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 7 Dec 2021 02:33:21
Message: <61af0e41@news.povray.org>
Op 06/12/2021 om 10:56 schreef Kenneth:
> Yes, that worked! "Patience is a virtue", ha.
> The odd thing is that Firefox's little 'file loading' indicator reports almost
> instantly that the file *has* completely loaded-- but the screen stays white for
> a couple of minutes until the 360-image appears. That's an *extremely* long time
> for Firefox to be processing or assembling(?) the visual result...if that is
> what is  happening...especially in my super-fast Win 10 machine. Very strange!

Just guessing, but maybe it is not the machine which delays the visual 
result, but simply the download/communication speed of your modem. In 
this country (NL), you buy the upload/download speed package that you 
think you may need, from the provider (faster = more money). 
Additionally, the medium through which the info travels (here it is 
mostly cable; before it was dsl; and now we are gradually switching to 
fibreglass country-wide). Probably identical on your side of the 
'sundering seas'...


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