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  Re: Geometric dome  
From: MichaelJF
Date: 6 Dec 2021 14:56:54
Message: <61ae6b06@news.povray.org>
Am 19.11.2021 um 08:16 schrieb Thomas de Groot:
> Op 13/11/2021 om 08:10 schreef m@b:
>> https://boneyard.pythonanywhere.com/360/360.htm
>> Original images from here:
>> https://publicdomainreview.org/collection/solid-objects
> I forgot to comment. (1) I do not have the loading problem mentioned by 
> others. It opened within a couple of seconds. (2) Again, an intriguing 
> discovery of ancient texts/illustrations. Well done indeed. I guess some 
> of them were harder to model than others, the lute for example.
Maybe the delay depends on the browser used. Edge opend the link within 
the part of a second (but not immediately). Maybe Chrome shows a 
similiar behaviour since it is related to Edge. To model historic 
drawings is an interesting task and you did a nice job here. I ever 
thought to model an old painting like the Capriccio project years ago. 
But my interest is more on old roman frescos or on images by my favorite 
late medieval painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Best regards,

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