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  Re: Fluorapophyllite-(K)  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 3 Nov 2021 03:17:58
Message: <618237a6$1@news.povray.org>
Op 02/11/2021 om 21:46 schreef Bald Eagle:
>> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>>> ...
>>> Personally, I like it but I am interested in your verdicts.
> So, to me, it still looks a bit - murky.  Like I'm viewing the render through a
> haze or slightly out of focus.
> I'm not sure if it's the render settings, the lighting, or the contribution of
> the textured ground plane, or what.  I just get the impression that I should be
> seeing some crisp(er) edges on the front of the crystal, and instead they are
> kind of muddled / blended in with the body of the crystal.
I have no idea. I guess it could be the lighting (area light), but the 
edges /are/ crisp, you can take my word for this.

I shall soon have a demo scene file ready for you to play with.

> I like the bubbles - I know what you're trying to accomplish there.  Perhaps -
> fewer? Slightly more spread out?

Yes, I think there are too many anyway.

> This would definitely be a great method for making a realistic ice cube with the
> frozen air bubbles inside...

> I would be interested in seeing a clean, crisp, clear or opaque version, which
> ought to render very quickly, and also - one employing the new granite material!
>   :D
A /granite/ material? What are you talking about? ;-)

I shall provide that asap. Note that the bubbles will be invisible... :-}

> This has also got me wanting to see an amethyst, with the clear-to-purple color
> gradient.
Indeed. I think I shall leave that to others after I provide the code.


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