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  Re: A head full of hair  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 26 Sep 2021 02:51:20
Message: <61501868$1@news.povray.org>
Op 26/09/2021 om 00:00 schreef Samuel B.:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> Op 24-9-2021 om 00:03 schreef Samuel B.:
>>> I do, however, have at hand the program I wrote to convert .obj files to
>>> POV-readable data.
>> I didn't check yet, but I may have that somewhere in my database, filed
>> under "Sam Benge" :-)
> Well, I didn't manage to find the program on the POV-Ray server when looking
> through the usual groups, so I don't think I ever released it. But when looking
> at the binary yesterday on my hard drive I decided to do a couple virus scans...
> All was good on the Windows Defender front, but when I scanned it on VirusTotal,
> one of its engines flagged it as malware :S Some kind of worm that uses shell
> commands to work its malfeasance. I really don't believe it's infected, I just
> think that the MaxSecure engine sometimes likes to throw false positives. But
> it's enough to make me not want to publish it. After all, I did use a 3rd party
> ..obj-reading library. But what I think really happened is MaxSecure saw the
> program's ability to take command line arguments and decided it was up to no
> good. So, unless everyone's willing to take a risk, I'll be withholding it until
> I can do a recompile using updated libraries. And if /that/ doesn't appease
> MaxSecure, I'll try making the program read from a .cfg file instead of taking
> command line arguments :|
You may want to have a second opinion on this. Eset has a one time, 
free, online scanner: https://www.eset.com/uk/home/online-scanner/

I have been using Eset (one of the paid versions) for the last ten years 
or so with complete satisfaction, so no tricks there.

>>> After you originally mentioned W&G I got to thinking... There might have a way
>>> to make a convincing clay material, complete with fingerprints. It involves the
>>> use of slope patterns and projected normals...
>> Now, that might be interesting indeed. Based on blobs I presume?
> Blobs, meshes, whatever. The material should work with anything.

Ah, ok, a /material/. Somehow I thought the physical stuff. :-) However, 
anyway, that would be highly interesting indeed.


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