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18 Oct 2021 23:40:26 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Granite_21 - the final macro  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 10 Sep 2021 02:53:12
Message: <613b00d8$1@news.povray.org>
Op 10/09/2021 om 01:26 schreef Samuel B.:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> The final version of the Granite_21 macro package can be found in
>> p.b.scene-files under the same header.
>> The image here illustrates, from the start, the principal rule of the
>> macro, written on the wall!
> Hey, is that a classic Estwing hammer I see? I've got one myself, but it's worn
> down. A lot. I probably need to grind it back into shape, but I haven't found
> much use for it recently. Estwing used to (and probably still does) have a free
> replacement policy, but I never figured it was worth bothering them over.
Yes sir, it is! Modelled on my own, old, specimen, which has accompanied 
me for the last 55 years or so. Got it for my birthday after I had 
revealed to my parents that I intended to be a geologist.

It is also worn down, probably not as much as yours. Its most intensive 
use was during my studies when fieldwork was in hardrock countries 
almost exclusively. Later, as I switched to softrock specialisation, it 
gathered mostly dust. Trowel & spade took over. :-)

However, it is still there, sometimes to be used when a rock passes by. 
Never took it on a plane though; you can imagine why...

> Not many minerals around here except for granitic rocks, tiny grains of
> opalescent quartz, almost-amazonite feldspar and maybe some horneblend. The
> latter seems to exhibit some Schillerism when shaped. I think I found some
> garnet, too, but it's hard to tell.
The Sierra Nevada, I assume. Fascinating geological history over there.

You did some perfect modelling of jasper and topaz.

Your Europan vacation shot still fills my background screen here, btw.

> What do you plan to use the granite for, if anything?
No real plans at the moment. My primary intention was to finally put 
Daniel Mecklenburg's code to good use after all those years.


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