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  Re: Composite object in photo  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 26 Aug 2021 11:18:15
Message: <6127b0b7$1@news.povray.org>

Two points :
1)The shadows should be sharp close to the objects and fuzzy farther 
from them : Use an actual area_light instead of blurring the image of 
the shadows.

2) MUCH more importantly, your shadows don't diverge enough. The shadows 
seems to come from the light above the stove, but diverge as if that 
light was about three to four times farther, beyond the wall and above 
the ceiling. Try to locate your light_source at about the same relative 
position as the real light.

Another thing is those two lights to the right as shown in the original 
photo. Look at the wall behind the fridge casting a shadow on the fridge 
as well as at the guitar ans rocking chair showing two distinct shadows.

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