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18 Oct 2021 23:16:08 EDT (-0400)
  Re: A Monday Abstract  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 24 Aug 2021 09:02:35
Message: <6124edeb@news.povray.org>
Op 24-8-2021 om 00:53 schreef Pekka Aho:
> Heyas,
> My original idea was to create an amoeba from outer space for one level in my
> game project. Well, can't say if it's anything living, but it certainly turned
> out quite out of this world nevertheless. :D
> Cheers,
> -Pekka
Maybe not so much an amoeba, as a derelict alien object drifting through 
space (and which you can better not board obviously, for the usual 
reasons/consequences) :-)

Creepy. Well done (as usual).


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