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  Re: Beach Scene  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 16 Jul 2021 10:50:06
Message: <60f19c9e$1@news.povray.org>
Op 16-7-2021 om 15:30 schreef Chris R:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> Op 15-7-2021 om 16:46 schreef Chris R:
>>> I have been working on this for a few weeks and am about ready to move on, so I
>>> thought I'd share it with the community.  The comments I receive usually end up
>>> in future projects.
>>> This is based on a photo of the back side of a row of colorful beach huts.  In
>>> the original, all of the huts looked like they had been freshly sided and
>>> painted, which wasn't terribly interesting to me, so I decided to age them quite
>>> a bit so I could continue working on my raw-wood textures and aging paint
>>> textures.
>>> The shingles were another new area for me to play with.  I have done tiled roofs
>>> before, but this is my first attempt at a tar-shingled roof.
>>> The foundation posts have a layer of sand on the lee-side; you can sort of see
>>> it in this view.  I have other test views with closeups that look pretty good as
>>> well.
>>> I'm pretty happy with the sandy beach and the random stones.  I thought about
>>> adding some seashells to the mix, but haven't done that yet.
>>> Thanks ahead of time for any comments and suggestions for improvements.
>>> -- Chris R
>> Very nice work indeed.
>> I wouldn't be me if I did not have a couple of comments:
>> I feel the sand to be a bit too 'concrete-like' ;-) You can without
>> problems drastically increase the normal (granite?) on that, to have
>> better defined sand grains.
>> The beach itself would be improved with sharp edges due to wind
>> rippling, dune forming.
>> The pebbles are superfluous imo and look somewhat 'uncomfortable' on
>> this surface. A proper sand beach will not really show pebbles; a pebble
>> beach however, could show sand ripples across it.
>> I like your peeling paint. Well done.
>> that dark spot Bill mentioned: a plane? an ufo? ;-)
>> --
>> Thomas
> Thanks!
> I had pulled the normal out of the sand texture as the beach is a large
> isosurface and I added the graininess there.  I'll play around with adding it
> back in for a more fine-grained look.  I like your idea about adding more sharp
> edges; just need to find some good functions for generating them on the
> isosurface.
> The original photo had the pebbles in it, so I tried to model them.  I'm not
> sure where this beach is.  The frequency could probably be reduced, or they
> could be replaced with shells instead, which I find on my beach walks pretty
> often.

You /can/ have a combination of pebbles and beach sand, however, what 
happens is that through wind and water action, you get a very clear 
separation of both, due to grain size and density differences. So, you 
will see concentrations of pebbles in discrete, (sub-)horizontal, 
layers, mostly displaced by water (waves, tides) and sand blown over 
them in ripples/dunes. Wind erosion subsequently can sometimes 
clear/displace part of the sand on beaches formed this way, and reveal 
the pebble layers, sometimes concentrating them even more by blowing out 
the remaining sand between the pebbles. Wind and water are very 
efficient natural sorting machines!


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