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  Displacement function in Poseray  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 3 Jul 2021 04:56:23
Message: <60e02637@news.povray.org>
Following Norbert Kern's 'Mountain forest', I wanted to show here an 
example of the easy use of the Displacement function in Poseray, and 
which is not enough known, I guess.

First make an object and an uv-mapped texture. Then import in Poseray.

A first image shows the used settings in Poseray:
- a displacement map can be made with Gimp, based on the image map used. 
it should/could be blurred/dilated with Gimp, then with IC;
- amount of displacement -0.01 (black) and 0.02 (white); only the x and 
z components in the case of this wall;
- adaptive subdivision (threshold 0.05 to 0.1 according to cases);
- after this, 'Displace geometry' generates the displacement of the object.

The second image shows the result rendered in POV-Ray.


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Preview of image 'test_displacement4.jpg'


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