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  Re: Sample scene ideas  
From: clipka
Date: 27 Jun 2021 19:28:41
Message: <60d909a9@news.povray.org>
Am 27.06.2021 um 17:26 schrieb Bald Eagle:

> The thickness used to be 0.02, and then I changed it to 0.1 which made it a
> little "bolder", but didn't get rid of the weird non-jet-black parts and the
> fuzziness.

You might have to point our noses straight at the issue you're seeing. 
I'm not noticing any unexpected "non-jet-blackness" nor "fuzziness".

As for the increase in thickness, it causes the text at the left and 
right to appear more "bold" because we're seeing it stretch 
perspectively "into the image", but it inevitably leaves the center 
portion of the text as "unbold" as ever.

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