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12 Jun 2021 18:43:17 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Granites Intermezzo - using crackle solid pattern  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 6 May 2021 04:37:03
Message: <6093aaaf$1@news.povray.org>
Op 5-5-2021 om 18:12 schreef Mr:
> This sure looks good. I guess my trouble with this scale and contrast/definition
> is that I must be loosing track of what context the current image you show is
> made for, and thus probably do not have in mind the proper type of real photo
> referenced granite occurence. Once we can play with parameters and get these
> various photo references side by side with the renders thing will certainly look
> fine and more versatile than if made with just one average reference.
The whole thing is a mess at the moment of course ;-) I need to assess 
now /how/ and /what/ I want to make controls for. A macro architecture 
of course and enough parameters to play with.

> If will it or does it already have configuration presets? something along : 1
> Raw outside (worn out with slightly blurry patches) 2 raw inside (same pigment,
> neater, and with normal bump) 3 polished: same as before without bump and with
> slight mirror reflection?
No yet totally present as such but to be part of that macro I mentioned. 
I hope to start with the cleaning-up now as I guess I have ironed out 
all the problems at this moment.

> What troubles me, with the scale is that initial picture I saw ad red flakes
> around 1cm size while this frosted has rather 1mm... can the first one still be
> made easily?
No idea to be frank. But I keep it in my mind as one of the options.


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