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17 May 2021 18:57:12 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Granites Intermezzo  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 29 Apr 2021 02:24:54
Message: <608a5136$1@news.povray.org>
Op 28/04/2021 om 22:37 schreef Bald Eagle:
> Quick stab at adding the vein.
> Didn't like marble or planar, so I coded a Boolean math function for the stripe,
> and let it blend on the sides.
My latest experiments with veins was by using agate and agate_turb as 
second texture layer. Needed to add a warp{turbulence *z} to hide the 
layering of agate. The results were promising if not perfect. I do not 
have an example render at hand at this moment.

> Adding a mod to the function will repeat it, but it's too regular.
> I tried warp {repeat x*4} but that repeats the whole pattern, and you get hard
> lines.
> I thought maybe I could layer it, but it's a pattern texture, and POV-Ray says
> "No way!"
> I also tried to add a specular highlight, and I'm too inept to get that to work
> either.
> Nor could I get the void created by using a difference to be anything but black.
> It's unclear to me at the present time how to have separate turbulence values
> for the stripe and the base StepNoise pattern, but I guess we'll figure that out
> as we proceed.
It's a first step.

> Currently using the sum of two turbulated stripe patterns, so maybe the
> placement of the stripes will have to be generated by a macro and an array of
> plane offsets.
> Anyway, this gives the general idea.


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