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From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 22 Apr 2021 02:30:48
Message: <60811818$1@news.povray.org>
Op 21/04/2021 om 17:06 schreef Mr:

> Also, sorry , but ignore the part of my comment about brightness or saturation,
> I am not sure of any such thing until I see more close ups or render them myself
> if I get some time. However, to push further on the scale variation, I thing the
> biggest salmon colour splotches are still  too frequent when looking at
> reference photo don't they occur slightly less frequently / more distant from
> each other?  ... but your eye should be more expert about this.
Anyway, your comments on brightness and saturation are well taken. They 
need a bit of extra attention imo, even if correct. The whole use of 
finish is still under my scrutiny.

Scale variation: yes, you are absolutely right and I want to get a 
better control on the distribution of the different grains. What in 
particular is missing in this "matrix" is quartz, besides the 
salmon-coloured feldspars. Literature gives the (varying) proportions of 
each and can serve as a guide.

This is going to be the next step now for me with this test granite. As 
soon as I get something working I shall post the code for everybody to 
test and shoot on (if they feel the urge).


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