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  Re: A container freighter in space  
From: Hj  Malthaner
Date: 4 Jan 2021 18:19:12
Message: <5ff3a270$1@news.povray.org>
On 1/4/21 8:42 AM, Thomas de Groot wrote:
> Op 04/01/2021 om 02:01 schreef Hj. Malthaner:
>> Another element for my very own dream world. A container freighter in 
>> space. I still struggle to design real cool spaceships like shown in 
>> movies or TV shows at times. I seem to lack some understanding there.
> Maybe, but these look very functional, as all freighters should look 
> imo. So, I suggest you keep on this track. Don't underestimate your own 
> vision. Movies/TV spaceships may look gorgeous but would be totally 
> unpractical or simply stupid if used at all.

Yes, from the point to minimize the radar echo to the idea to have a 
good ratio of volume for machinery to hull (vulnerable), there is much 
shown that misses technical justification. Still these designers have 
some creativity I'd like to have as well.

For the planned role to become element of larger scenes this model 
surely will do. For more prominent ships I still will have to work on my 
design skills.

I think I need to make some sort of macro so I can pass sets of 
containers or other cargo elements to the ship model.

Thanks for the feedback!


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