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  Re: Imitated Bricks  
From: James Holsenback
Date: 8 Mar 2015 11:04:55
Message: <54fc6517$1@news.povray.org>
On 03/08/2015 06:48 AM, Mr wrote:
> clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
>> Am 08.03.2015 um 00:34 schrieb s.day:
>>> clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
>>>> Obviously these are cheap imitations, but I thought I might share
>>>> nonetheless...
>>> These look great, is that just standard lighting? It looks too good for that to
>>> me but the reflection of the sphere suggests it is.
>> No image-based lighting involved, if that's what you mean - just a large
>> area light and a simple sky sphere. It does, however, make use of
>> UberPOV's uncached radiosity and blurred reflections.
> "uncached radiosity" ?
> is that just progressive rendering?

from changes.txt:

Unbiased Diffuse Illumination:

   - UberPOV allows to disable the caching of radiosity samples, by 
using the
     following syntax in the global radiosity block:

         no_cache [BOOL]

     It also changes the way the secondary ray directions are chosen, and
     effectively turns the radiosity algorithm into a purely stochastic 
     algorithm to compute diffuse illumination.

     Most radiosity settings are without effect in this mode, except for the

         adc_bailout FLOAT
         brightness FLOAT
         brilliance BOOL
         count FLOAT
         gray_threshold FLOAT
         media BOOL
         normal BOOL
         recursion_limit INT
         subsurface BOOL

     The current implementation does not translate classic radiosity 
     into useful parameters for this mode of operation; it is therefore 
     recommended to use a much lower setting for the "count" parameter than
     typical with standard radiosity.

     This syntax extension can be tested for using the #patch directive or
     patch() function with the patch name "upov-radiosity-no_cache"; the 
     implementation is version 0.1.

from revision.txt

Commit 21cc3c6 on 2014-07-24 by Christoph Lipka

     Add support for stochastic diffuse computations.

     Specifying `no_cache` in the global radiosity block will disable 
caching of radiosity samples,
     and use a more random algorithm to generate secondary ray 
directions, effectively using the
     radiosity code for straightforward stochastic computation of 
diffuse illumination.

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