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  Re: My First CGSphere  
From: St 
Date: 25 Jul 2008 14:34:22
Message: <488a1cae$1@news.povray.org>
"Robert McGregor" <rob### [at] mcgregorfineartcom> wrote in message 
> "alphaQuad" <alp### [at] earthlinknet> wrote:

>> I guess everyone is speachless, I am. You're outta everyone's league. You 
>> should
>> show them your magic, or me at least. Have I mentioned lately that I love 
>> your
>> skill?
>> aQ
> Thanks Alpha, but what magic are you referring to?

    I guess the magic of imagination Rob. (And the ability to use tools of 
the trade to use that imagination).  :)


> -Rob

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