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From: Chris B
Date: 3 Feb 2008 16:48:48
Message: <47a636c0@news.povray.org>
"Darren New" <dne### [at] sanrrcom> wrote in message 
> Chambers wrote:
>> I don't want this to become a collection of half-baked models; I want 
>> them to be
> Having organized several things like this in my career, I'll suggest that 
> it would be useful to allow "half-baked models", along with a rating 
> system as to quality, complexity, customizability, etc. Usually just a 1-5 
> quality rating will do. This lets people looking for *any* model of a 
> giraffe (say) find something to at least start with...
> -- 
>   Darren New / San Diego, CA, USA (PST)
>     On what day did God create the body thetans?

Hi Darren,

I think this is something slightly different.

The http://lib.povray.org web site does support non-standard submissions. 
You can rate your contribution (1-3) and indicate that it's doesn't comply 
with the standards. By default the search won't display such objects, but 
there is an option on the search screen to display non-compliant objects 
(just below the keywords box).

Once an item has been submitted, anyone (anyone who's bothered to register) 
can provide feedback on quality, complexity, compliance etc. with both free 
text fields and numeric ratings.

Ben is attempting to put together a cluster of high quality objects for 
submission to the collection. Anyone who wants to promote the development of 
the collection in other ways is also welcome to do so and, IMO will also be 
doing the community a service.

Chris B.

Chris B.

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