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  Re: Bonsai Life #1  
From: Jeremy M  Praay
Date: 22 Jan 2008 14:12:44
Message: <4796402c$1@news.povray.org>
"Jim Charter" <jrc### [at] msncom> wrote in message 
> Just a remarkable tracing.  In particular the subtle use of finish on the 
> different surfaces, and the varigation in the wood of the trunk.

Thank you!  I'm extremely happy with the pot and the stand, but getting 
decent tree bark on a TomTree/POV-Tree, is quite a challenge.  I'm still not 
completely satisfied, but I'll let this stand for now.  Jaime's bonsai are 
far superior in that regard.

> The fact that you are able to deliver, technically, in answer to the 
> scrutiny such an image invites, rego!  And that's before we even get 
> started on the conceptual dimensions to the picture.

"Rego"?  Is that a word?

More than any other scene I've created, this pleases me.  :-)  It's perhaps 
not so much from a technical perspective, but this time, I really like the 
subject, and the fact that I've included "humans".  The use of people, if 
done well, certainly creates a more dynamic and emotional setting.  Keeping 
them small helps to keep the overall picture more photorealistic, but that's 
just a nifty side-effect.


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