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  Re: Indra's deep sea life  
From: Kevin Wampler
Date: 6 Jun 2005 15:45:37
Message: <42a4a7e1$1@news.povray.org>
Dave Matthews wrote:
> Kevin Wampler <wam### [at] cswashingtonedu> wrote:
> and have since been working with other constructions.)  But yours came out
> way cooler, and with new variations I hadn't thought of.  I'll have to get
> the book.  I have seen the name "Indra's Pearls" on some fractals scattered
> throughout the internet, but wasn't aware of their construction.

Nice image!  I should note that neither of the images I posted is 
actually the sort of think that would be generated by a Kleinian Group. 
  Intuitively they're similar, but the stuff covered in the book takes 
place entirely in the complex plane, so rather than optical reflection 
you have circle inversion for example.  You can see pictures more like 
those in the actual book at its web site:


and also at:


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