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  Wonkavator, or Great Glass Elevator [JPG ~17K]  
From: Hughes, B 
Date: 14 Mar 2004 20:44:50
Message: <40550a92@news.povray.org>
This rendering is the result of Tom Galvin mentioning a Wonka device from
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when replying to a post of one of my
animations recently. Then I saw the movie again just a few days ago, so I
was compelled to try making the Great Glass Elevator shown at the end of
that movie.

First, I looked for pictures of it and noticed there are only a few and none
done using POV-Ray that I could find. My rendition of it here might not ever
match the one from the movie but here is a start. Door and glass parts need
to be changed.

Example of what I modelled after, from a web search:

Bob H.

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