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  Re: Yes-library: Spiral worm  
From: yesbird
Date: 9 Mar 2023 19:13:33
Message: <3e9f65f4-66e0-19eb-d10d-29e693be7eec@gmail.com>
On 10/03/2023 00:59, Kenneth wrote:
> I discovered something new today...about Github. I am a 'newbie' when it comes
> to downloading an in-line scene file there.

IMHO, if you don't want to clone repository, but want just to play with
code, the better way is to download zipped version (see attachment) -
this way you will not miss any dependencies, like include files, for
example. But cloning has following advantage - you can always see diff
to original after your experiments and easily can revert to it.

I suggest 'GitHub Desktop' with friendly UI:

> Looking at your code, I see that your #declared variables are all written with
> lower-case letters.

It's true. Although I'm working under windows now, because sticking to
to ZBrush and C4D in my graphics projects, natively I'm a unix-man,
prefer unix-style and classical 'C' notation, all with small letters and
'_', writing CONSTANTS in capitals, to avoid conflict with reserved
words, I'm using the leading '_'.

The only alternative, I like, is unicode, like it's possible
in Julia language, for example:

Btw, this is very perspective and well-thinked language, opposite to
Python, and even has a package with POV support (!):

> We each have our own way of preventing the name-collision problem.

Sure, but sometimes style-guides can help in team-working, especially in
a big projects.

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