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  Re: Convex Hull macro ... (31KB + 28KB)  
From: Michael Andrews
Date: 9 Feb 2003 04:29:37
Message: <3e461f81@news.povray.org>
Slime wrote:
>>>I'm afraid it is a v3.5 file. That one isn't too important, but I use
>>>math.inc (another v3.5 standard include) macros in the hull calculation,
>>I sure wish that there was a build of Pov-Ray for Solaris.
> It might work fine if you just get the include files; it's unlikely they
> require any special 3.5 features.
>  - Slime
> [ http://www.slimeland.com/ ]
You're right, I just didn't think of that last night :-/

The two macros I use from math.inc are VProject_Plane() and VRotation(), 
neither of which uses anything new in v3.5.

Nor do the VRand_In_Sphere() and VRand_In_Box() macros from rand.inc.

So if you get a copy of math.inc and rand.inc, with a little 
cut-and-paste it should work with v3.1.

Bye for now,

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