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  Holey Cube puzzle animation  
From: Eriban
Date: 2 Jan 2022 17:40:00
Message: <web.61d226a322ab2ea8f591106d6aa0a913@news.povray.org>
Hi all,

First of all, best wishes to everyone for 2022! It has been a while, but I found
some time to work with POV-Ray again, and the result is another puzzle

The basis is a twelve part puzzle designed by Yukio Hirose. Once I realised that
the design could be extended in a fractal-like fashion, I figured it would make
an excellent animation subject.

The textures are very basic. They are designed to show off the puzzle's
structure. However, the animation has some interesting technical features.

First, the part movement of the Level 2 assembly requires moving 144 parts. To
move as many parts in parallel without any parts colliding, a greedy scheduling
algorithm is used together with a basic collision detection algorithm.

Second, for in-flight part rotations I had a go at using Quaternions. I used
an old quaternions.inc file
as starting point. It was a good start, but I had to fix a few bugs. The updated
file can be found on GitHub, alongside all other source code used to create the

Anyway, enough talk. Here's the link to the video:

I hope you like it!


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