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From: Mr
Date: 15 Jan 2021 09:50:08
Message: <web.6001aa9b60e477a66adeaecb0@news.povray.org>
"Hj. Malthaner" <han### [at] nospamgmxde> wrote:
> Feel free to place bets. In my favorite sci-fi series there was a ship
> called "SOL" for the name of our sun and it's sole purpose to return to
> our galaxy.
> It's been labeled a "Universe class battle carrier", cause "Ultra
> Battleship" had been already been taken by the former flagship units.
> I want to picture this as an animation. The SOL was a carrier ship made
> of three components. I want to show the ship arriving, and then
> splitting into its three parts. The command and control unit moving to
> the back of the scene, while the two ultra battleship lookalike
> components move forward.
> All three components then launch the smaller ships. Cruisers, corvettes
> and fighters. Cruisers themselves carrying fighters again and also
> launch them.
> Cuts, camera focusing on the split of the combined ship, the initial
> launch of cruisers and fighters, the forward move of the two ultra
> battle ship parts, then the secondary launch of fighters from the cruisers.
> And finally a sweeping look over the combined fleet, the command and
> control module in the back, the two ultra battleships a bit a head and a
> total of 6000 cruisers and fighters lined up ahead of them.
> Yes the source was generous with the numbers (google SOL and Perry
> Rhodan for details, little results in English though).
> A dream right now. A dream since years. I post this to have something
> out there as psychological crutch to actually try and start this
> project. The SOL was the Terran ship that traveled farther than any
> other, a ship that saw places and spaces like no other. Inside the
> fandom it's the epic ship even that there were others, more powerful
> ships. But at one time this ship was the sole hope of humanity to
> survive. I might be wrong but the ship was in duty for at least 1.500
> years in the novels. Captured by aliens, regained by humans. After the
> original mission to return to sol after Terra accidentally had been
> moved to a location incredibly far, it always had been a symbol for
> humanities will to survive.
> --
> Some of my PovRay works:
> https://www.deviantart.com/antarasol/gallery/42758766/3D

You know we'll be there ;-)
Stop dreaming only... start sharing the dream, that's what POV is all about !
(And using frontends to help you is not cheating, its only a better way to do
POV justice.)

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