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  Re: SSLT experiments-- animation  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 7 Feb 2018 05:40:00
Message: <web.5a7ad6a37200fa805cafe28e0@news.povray.org>
dick balaska <dic### [at] buckosoftcom> wrote:
> On 02/06/2018 09:17 PM, Kenneth wrote:
> > I made an SSLT test a couple of months ago
> Hmm, this video doesn't really work for me. (Linux/vlc)
> I can see the individual frames, but they don't play smoothly.
> It goes 1 through 10, then holds 10 for awhile (while the timer
> continues) and then picks up for a bit at frame 120 for a bit, etc.

Same here.  It plays then freezes, then jumps, then freezes, ....
Win 7 using VLC

I get sslt_test_1.mp4.mpg as the filename - what format did you intend to save
it as?

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