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  Tronc Commun 3  
From: Eriban
Date: 24 Jul 2017 16:50:01
Message: <web.59765d3bee292253f591106d0@news.povray.org>

I want to share my latest puzzle animation with you. Tronc Commun 3 is the last
puzzle in a series of three designed by Gregory Benedetti. What these puzzles
have in common is their shape when assembled, as well as the two parts that
comprise the puzzle's trunk, hence the name.

This last puzzle in the series is by far the most difficult. The reason is that
it requires several rotational moves, including some very tricky ones. There are
several reasons why they are tricky. First, most lack a fixed rotation point.
They are joint translations and rotations, where the constraints that guide the
translation can even vary depending on the angle. Second, not all rotations are
multiples of ninety degrees. Third, the margins are narrow. Some rotations work
only because the pieces have slightly bevelled edges. See the top part of the
attached image. Finally, there's one rotation where to parts have to rotate
together, but each along a different axis. See the bottom part of the attached

So, all in all, quite some trigonometric calculations were required to script
this. A fun challenge, and I am happy with the end result, which can be found
here: https://youtu.be/PSfEEZ-DSvQ

I hope you like it too!


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