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  Re: Fractured Destination  
From: Pekka Aho
Date: 20 Jun 2017 11:35:01
Message: <web.59493f796befef94daa829480@news.povray.org>
Stephen <mca### [at] aolcom> wrote:
> What is causing it to go out of focus? Is that the isosurface or is the
> space pilot had too much to drink? :)

I like to think the probe keeps auto-adjusting/recalibrating during the
closing-in. Also the local conditions can have their effects on the equipment as
well due to eg. pressure, radiation, magnetic field and so on. :)

Now when I think of it, a buzzing sound combined with the focus effect would be
cool. :D

Stephen <mca### [at] aolcom> wrote:
> It is really hard to do just using PovRay. A third party tool to fade
> the clips together. Would probably be a good idea.

Aye, afterwards I was also thinking of some kind of fade effect added there some
way. For these two animations I just quickie-used VirtualDub on my computer at
work, and didn't take a further look at the features that thoroughly yet. But
gotta check again, and possibly fiddle around more on the future stuff to come.

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