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  Re: green gas cloud on checkered plane  
From: omniverse
Date: 12 Jun 2017 00:15:01
Message: <web.593e138414c5bb489c5d6c810@news.povray.org>
"Kenneth" <kdw### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> Or maybe, "The Attack Of The....."  ;-P
> Playing/experimenting with media (and image_mapped buildings.) I'm not yet sure
> if this is a WIP, or just an experiment. This small test alone took 55 hours to
> render, on my dual-core Windows 7 box-- with no AA or radiosity.
> Getting a dense, self-shadowing, *almost* pure-color media is a bit difficult.
> I'll probably post something about that separately. (This test is with
> scattering media-- plus extinction-- along with absorbtion media.) But no eddies
> or swirls as the gas cloud envelopes the buildings-- that's a *far*-different
> problem, involving fluid dynamics.

Maybe get a similar effect if you could use several individual
media statements, cobbled together in locations where the building interactions
are expected to take place. Not only that, but I suppose 'trace' would help
automate the locations.
Changing density (turbulence, scale, translate too?) those portions can
disappear and reappear as buildings are encountered.

> The buildings were a challenge-- the idea being to generate randomly-sized
> boxes, but to have the buildings' windows (simple image_maps, downloaded from
> the 'net) retain their appropriate sizes without distortion, no matter what the
> size or shape of the buildings. And to map the windows on all four sides of a
> box. Strangely, I had never attempted such a combination before.
> Currently, the buildings look more like plastic 'parts bins'  :-O

I was too busy watching out for the approaching green cloud. Was only the lack
of AA that drew my attention to buildings. :)

Wish I had done more with media clouds by now but my impatience stopped me from
doing too much, and I'm not fond of complexities either. Time consuming and
there's always other things in life. ha ha



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