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  green gas cloud on checkered plane  
From: Kenneth
Date: 11 Jun 2017 22:30:03
Message: <web.593dfbc79cea3f57883fb31c0@news.povray.org>
Or maybe, "The Attack Of The....."  ;-P

Playing/experimenting with media (and image_mapped buildings.) I'm not yet sure
if this is a WIP, or just an experiment. This small test alone took 55 hours to
render, on my dual-core Windows 7 box-- with no AA or radiosity.

Getting a dense, self-shadowing, *almost* pure-color media is a bit difficult.
I'll probably post something about that separately. (This test is with
scattering media-- plus extinction-- along with absorbtion media.) But no eddies
or swirls as the gas cloud envelopes the buildings-- that's a *far*-different
problem, involving fluid dynamics.

The buildings were a challenge-- the idea being to generate randomly-sized
boxes, but to have the buildings' windows (simple image_maps, downloaded from
the 'net) retain their appropriate sizes without distortion, no matter what the
size or shape of the buildings. And to map the windows on all four sides of a
box. Strangely, I had never attempted such a combination before.

Currently, the buildings look more like plastic 'parts bins'  :-O

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