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  The insane project - Universe class carrier ship  
From: Hj  Malthaner
Date: 14 Jan 2021 23:43:07
Message: <60011d5b@news.povray.org>
Feel free to place bets. In my favorite sci-fi series there was a ship 
called "SOL" for the name of our sun and it's sole purpose to return to 
our galaxy.

It's been labeled a "Universe class battle carrier", cause "Ultra 
Battleship" had been already been taken by the former flagship units.

I want to picture this as an animation. The SOL was a carrier ship made 
of three components. I want to show the ship arriving, and then 
splitting into its three parts. The command and control unit moving to 
the back of the scene, while the two ultra battleship lookalike 
components move forward.

All three components then launch the smaller ships. Cruisers, corvettes 
and fighters. Cruisers themselves carrying fighters again and also 
launch them.

Cuts, camera focusing on the split of the combined ship, the initial 
launch of cruisers and fighters, the forward move of the two ultra 
battle ship parts, then the secondary launch of fighters from the cruisers.

And finally a sweeping look over the combined fleet, the command and 
control module in the back, the two ultra battleships a bit a head and a 
total of 6000 cruisers and fighters lined up ahead of them.

Yes the source was generous with the numbers (google SOL and Perry 
Rhodan for details, little results in English though).


A dream right now. A dream since years. I post this to have something 
out there as psychological crutch to actually try and start this 
project. The SOL was the Terran ship that traveled farther than any 
other, a ship that saw places and spaces like no other. Inside the 
fandom it's the epic ship even that there were others, more powerful 
ships. But at one time this ship was the sole hope of humanity to 
survive. I might be wrong but the ship was in duty for at least 1.500 
years in the novels. Captured by aliens, regained by humans. After the 
original mission to return to sol after Terra accidentally had been 
moved to a location incredibly far, it always had been a symbol for 
humanities will to survive.

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