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  Re: GIF tool comparison  
From: Mike Horvath
Date: 4 Mar 2019 23:37:26
Message: <5c7dfd06$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/4/2019 6:13 PM, Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann wrote:
>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p1vFIv4its_t_DFxvQHYyss-q-bmI1-U
>> No dithering.
>> 3,929,691 bytes
> No dithering? Are you sure?
>> Jasc Animation Shop 3
>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ETiWlMaEbz-94aizbd1wdhx5YGZfqgaa
>> Quality set to max using slider.
>> 3,465,055 bytes
> So *this* is the non-dithered version!

You're right! I got those two mixed up.

To avoid further confusion, the one with 3,929,691 bytes is my favorite. 
It was created using Jasc Animation Shop 3, which is something like 15 
years old, and still great! I uninstalled the program it came with (PSP 
9) but kept the GIF maker.

I forgot to post a link to the original 24 bit animation, so here it is:


You may need Google Chrome to view it. I couldn't get it to load in 
XnViewMP for instance.

> I'm developing a command line-based image processor (yip - Yadgar's 
> Image Processor), with color reduction and Floyd-Steinberg dithering 
> already implemented. Do you want to try it? I could send you the source 
> code...
> See you in Khyberspace!
> Yadgar
> Now playing: Skywalker (Robert Schröder)

I wouldn't know what to do with the source code sadly. But I would be 
willing to test a Windows executable.


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