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  Re: Munsell (update 1.4)  
From: Gregor Szaktilla
Date: 28 Feb 2019 20:14:48
Message: <5c788788$1@news.povray.org>
Mike Horvath schrieb:
> On 2/28/2019 11:30 AM, Mike Horvath wrote:
>> Here's the animated version of the Munsell scene.
> I tried to upload a WebP version of the animations, but apparently there
> are size limits on the newsgroup.

In case you can live with having a WebP version on a server not
controlled by you send me the file and I'll put in on my webspace and
send you a link. Then you can decide to post that link here.


BTW: Very impressive! Too bad I only have pov 3.5 running under wine/Linux.

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