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  Re: Five intersecting tetrahedra  
From: BGimeno
Date: 9 Feb 2019 06:48:35
Message: <5c5ebe13@news.povray.org>

> BGimeno wrote:
>> https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs6GVjQFcrQ
> Very nice  :)
> It's always good to see a new (for us) piece presented, especially in an
> animation.

> I always like your color schemes and lighting.  The partially transparent
> textures (and probably high radiosity settings) must make rendering a 450-frame
> animation an extensive project!  :O

Hi, Thank you. No radiosity settings this time. With some filling lights 
and 4 instances of povray launched simultanously takes 1 hour more or 


I've doing some maths and adjustments to the shape of the tetrahedrons.

The code and ini files that i'm running right now are included on a zip 
file. No warranty at all.

> Being a fan of projective geometry, I wish there were shadows, but that would
> make it take even longer, I'm sure.  ;)

On queue.
> Great work as usual - you should run this by Vi Hart - this kind of thing is
> right up her alley, and we might entice someone new to join the POV-Ray
> community.  :)   She might even take up the challenge to render and animate a
> hexaflexagon...   

Just the kind of stuff that my procrastinating anxiety was jelling me 
about. :-p


B. Gimeno

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