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  Re: POVTONS - WIP - Preview  
From: Stephen
Date: 13 Jan 2018 03:35:20
Message: <5a59c4c8$1@news.povray.org>
On 13/01/2018 07:47, Thomas de Groot wrote:
> On 11-1-2018 23:57, Kontemplator wrote:
>> Here is just a quick overview what i plan for these year. Only 50 
>> weeks left and
>> so much empty space in the room. Hope my inspiration keeps in good mood.
> Am I correct when I say that I only see a black screen through the whole 
> "animation"?

No there is more than that.
In Tbird I can view the animation directly but it will not save. I see 
it named jk_povtons_01_preview.mp4
On the website I see it named jk_povtons_01_preview.mp4.mpg
It downloads and plays directly using MPC-HC (My default player.) It 
does not play with Windows Media Player even when removing the ".mpg"
It is a good start and worth the effort.

BTW in the animation between 12 & 13 seconds. There is a change in the 
black and yellow striped material.

> You guys have made me confused ;-)

Confused with what/whom? ;-)



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