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  Re: My comments on the video - read after viewing  
From: Stephen
Date: 27 Apr 2017 05:10:48
Message: <5901b598$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/26/2017 9:59 PM, dick balaska wrote:
> Am 2017-04-26 05:37, also sprach Stephen:
>> At the end you the video you mentioned putting water in the fish tank.
>> This made me think of Tim Kikas's LSSM macros. With them you can
>> generate a water surface that interacts with the environment. Air
>> bubbles would create waves that reflect from the sides of the tank.
>> http://www.nolights.de/downloads.html#lssm
> Tim Nikias: "Wall-E just about ruined my motivation to work on a short
> with a single, lonely robot..."
> Finding Nemo really dampened my enthusiasm for getting into the
> fishtank. Specifically, the scene where the whale stands up and the
> water cascades down his tongue. "The math is strong with that one."

I have only seen clips of either of them.
I did not expect you to use his macros. They just came to mind as the 
way I might add water to the tank. But then my mantra is: "I couldn't 
code my way out of a wet paper bag". ;)

>> Last comment about the downloaded video. From 10 to 16 minutes the
>> screen is blank the music continues.
> That's the second comment I've got about this. I was happy this
> iteration actually broke the 50% done mark (although 2 minutes of that
> is junk frames) ;).  I guess I need to do something there.
> (I am almost up to the part where the drum machine turns off. It will be
> fun working out the beats for that.)

I did not hear that part*. I tend to switch off the audio when I am 
watching animations. I find it too distracting. Music adds to the 
overall experience. So to appreciate the actual animation I watch it in 
And that explains the incrementing numbers.

> -- The video proper ends at 7:49 out of 16:43. 46% done. Rendered junk
> frames end at 10:20, 61% "done".

At just under half a gig to download. You could have warned. ;)

> The odd camera cuts after 7:49 are because, originally in 2003, after
> watching the horses go by, the kid turns and then gets in the fishtank.
> I keep pushing that fishtank down the timeline.

I have now. Then I realised that you are fitting the animation to the 
music not the other way round.

It really is a showcase of your work. I like lots of your effects.

One more trivial suggestion.
When the kid drinks from the bottle. Have a label on it that reads: 
Drink Me. Then when he puts it back, have the label say: Don't drink me.
(Idea stolen from a Robert Sheckley's SF book "Options".

Mishkin leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. That was bad: 
derangement of various sense ratios, ideas of reference, hot flashes. He 
opened his eyes. That was not so good either. He reached for the 
Turn-off Bottle. It had a label that read, IF THE TRIP GOES BAD, DRINK 
THIS. He drank it, then noticed a label on the other side of the bottle 



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