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  Re: My comments on the video - read after viewing  
From: dick balaska
Date: 26 Apr 2017 16:59:23
Message: <59010a2b@news.povray.org>
Am 2017-04-26 05:37, also sprach Stephen:
> At the end you the video you mentioned putting water in the fish tank.
> This made me think of Tim Kikas's LSSM macros. With them you can
> generate a water surface that interacts with the environment. Air
> bubbles would create waves that reflect from the sides of the tank.
> http://www.nolights.de/downloads.html#lssm
Tim Nikias: "Wall-E just about ruined my motivation to work on a short 
with a single, lonely robot..."

Finding Nemo really dampened my enthusiasm for getting into the 
fishtank. Specifically, the scene where the whale stands up and the 
water cascades down his tongue. "The math is strong with that one."

> Last comment about the downloaded video. From 10 to 16 minutes the
> screen is blank the music continues.

That's the second comment I've got about this. I was happy this 
iteration actually broke the 50% done mark (although 2 minutes of that 
is junk frames) ;).  I guess I need to do something there.
(I am almost up to the part where the drum machine turns off. It will be 
fun working out the beats for that.)
-- The video proper ends at 7:49 out of 16:43. 46% done. Rendered junk 
frames end at 10:20, 61% "done".

The odd camera cuts after 7:49 are because, originally in 2003, after 
watching the horses go by, the kid turns and then gets in the fishtank. 
I keep pushing that fishtank down the timeline.


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