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  Re: My comments on the video - read after viewing  
From: Stephen
Date: 26 Apr 2017 05:37:54
Message: <59006a72$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/25/2017 9:54 PM, dick balaska wrote:
>> The kid has escaped!
>> http://www.buckosoft.com/tteoac/
> *
> * My comments on the video - read after viewing
> *
> I'm going to make another pass at the mushroom explosion. Minimally the
> spheres should rotate when expanding.  I also want to extend where the
> kid is laying down watching the shroom fly by, before passing out.
> I don't like the "matrix" effect where the explosion pauses and the
> camera swirls around it. Maybe the delay before and after the camera
> swirls are hurting the effect.

I like it but with your comment. I was thinking that if you put a 
coloured filter (sepia?) in front of the camera for that bit. It might 
enhance the feeling of surreality.

> I like that the girl is vacuuming on the TV while the mush damage is
> erased.  It's a cool effect, but goes by too quickly and is not the
> focus of the scene while it's happening.

I think you have got it right with the timing. Remember, always leave 
them wanting more. :)

I can see this becoming a PovRay classic. :)
At the end you the video you mentioned putting water in the fish tank. 
This made me think of Tim Kikas's LSSM macros. With them you can 
generate a water surface that interacts with the environment. Air 
bubbles would create waves that reflect from the sides of the tank.

Last comment about the downloaded video. From 10 to 16 minutes the 
screen is blank the music continues.



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