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  Re: Pannellum  
From: Stephen
Date: 3 Apr 2017 05:40:02
Message: <58e21872$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/3/2017 9:50 AM, omniverse wrote:
> Mike Horvath <mik### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
>> On 4/2/2017 8:52 PM, Mike Horvath wrote:
>>> I updated my spaceship scene and rendered new frames to be used with
>>> Pannellum panorama viewer.
>>> http://isometricland.net/panorama/pannellum.htm?config=pano-gh-scene-spinner.json
>>> I still was not able to turn the interior atmosphere due to render
>>> times. Even on the 16-core MS Azure server I am using for my renders
>>> this month, things were taking too long.
>> Forgot to mention there are strange square shaped artifacts in the blue
>> end caps of the scene. They exist in the source images as well. I don't
>> know what causes them.
> Impressive scene. And maybe disorienting to some earthbound people. :)

Yes it is impressive. :)

> If able to see it, is the atmosphere both ground-hugging and cloudlets floating
> around?
> Wild guess about the squares. Could it be something about the ends being
> directly opposite and slightly reflective, max_trace_level?
> Although I don't recall seeing unusual squared patterns from anything like that
> before.

I would definitely check the max level first.
When you were making the trefoil, is there anything with an unusual 
normal involved?



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