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From: yesbird
Date: 13 Mar 2023 01:25:28
Message: <3b54e9de-51ea-133f-1e6d-98b2adef4ad8@gmail.com>
On 13/03/2023 07:19, Mike Miller wrote:
> Wow, nice. I like the animation. Lighting and rendering look very natural. Good
> job.
> ...
> I posted a new beetle model ...permission to use and abuse granted. :)
Very well, I am treat it as guide to action :)

> So...I programmed a few converters to write various POV types from .x3d. I
> include the one that handles blobs and Sphere sweeps. I was happy to see that
> blobs in the Blender viewport matched closely to the POV rendering result.

Excellent, I see, that we are going on parallel courses - lack of a 
goodmodelling environment forces us to make proprietary tools. I'm in one
step of completing first release of Cinema4D to POV converter.

Now it supports:
1. Primitives: sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, plane, spline, mesh2.
2. Boolean operations: union, difference, intersection.
3. Constructive operations: extrude(prism).

I'm working on sphere sweep and lathe now.
In attachment are results of C4D's 'Cloner' work.

> Can POV convert quaternion to euler angles ?
May be this set of macros will help ?:

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