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  Re: Fush-14 animated  
From: yesbird
Date: 13 Mar 2023 03:02:02
Message: <1e8eb8f8-c939-5494-650d-e458e27a184b@gmail.com>
On 13/03/2023 08:57, Mike Miller wrote:
> Thanks, yes. We're on the same paths. :) Very cool - I love what you've done so
> far and exited to see the boolean stuff. I'm using naming conventions to handle
> some of POV's objects like lathes, sweeps, and blobs. I'll need to download C4D.
> I'm impressed with Blender, it's tools and the speed of Eevee rendering. Add
> free. :)
Blender is a great tool, last weak I played with it and like it's power
,'freedom' and plugin for POV. Don't sure if you need C4D having a
Blender already, it's too expensive, while abilities are comparable to
Blender's. You have Blender + Sculptris - this pair covers all needs,
I suppose.

I'm working with C4D for may year, know it very well, but if I
started from scratch now, I would choose a Blender.

My future plans are following:
1. Prepare useful tools for creating geometry to speed-up modelling:
    - Complete C4D-POV converter.
    - Write converter from ZBrush->POV to obtain high-density colored
      meshes. Present standard implementation of ZBrush->OBJ is poor and
      not supports vertex coloring.

2. Explore POV materials more deeply, examples from your scenes will
    help me a lot at this point.

3. Put attention on lighting - creating adequate lighting environment is
    not easy task, as I know from working with VRay.

4. And finally construct object, combine scenes, publish :).

In parallel, filling library with object you send, probably animate

PS: The idea about naming conventions is very good, it's much more
easy to tweak the scene, when knows object's types.

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