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From: William F Pokorny
Subject: v3.8 b2. Exposure with number_of_waves parse vs render.
Date: 17 Mar 2023 11:41:02
Message: <64148a0e$1@news.povray.org>
I recently resumed a look at the ripples and waves patterns - which 
exist for both normal and pattern value map blocks.

If you never use other than the default of 10 waves, you can stop reading.


Be aware, the internal initialization of vectors and frequency / 
amplitude values happens when each worker thread is initialized. So, the 
parse thread gets initialized, before, it has a chance to parse any 
'global_settings { number_of_waves <n> }' settings or change-settings 
during parsing.

In other words we always get 10 waves in the parsing thread and we'll 
only get the last number_of_waves setting in the post-parse threads for 
photons / radiosity / render.

So what, you shout!

You might be right. This state of thing might come to nothing - except 
when you do something in the parse phase like place objects on a surface 
perturbed by the ripples and/or waves pattern. Later, when the render of 
that surface happens, it isn't the same surface as what existed during 

Bill P.

Aside: The other unfortunate bit I'm taking a swing at fixing is that we 
always get the same vectors and values. It's as if we are working with a 
long fixed list and only get to pick the first <n> sets(a). Changing the 
number could change all <n> values, but it doesn't today. What we really 
want are truly independent patterns where we can specify more of what we 
want for each of the uses. We'll see.

(a) - The reason for a fixed list might be how 'waves' is implemented. 
There isn't a hard clamp on the upper range of values, but rather a 
heuristic function. Admittedly, one which might well be as good as an 
optimal one for any reasonable number of waves(b) given the known fixed 
stream of values!

(b) - There is no check on the upper value today while parsing, which 
itself, might result in crashes, bangs and booms - or cursing while a 
render takes forever and 12 years. :-) (Effective limit is MAX_INT)

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