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  Re: Is this version still moving forward?  
From: Mr
Date: 4 Nov 2022 06:25:00
Message: <web.6364e785a0ade310302c76946830a892@news.povray.org>
"The Traveler" <jho### [at] northrimnet> wrote:
> "The Traveler" <jho### [at] northrimnet> wrote:
> > Howdy all.
> > Just wondering if this beta is still moving towards a release candidate. Povray
> > has always had somewhat long intervals between releases, so, just askin'.
> >
> > Cheers.
> Well, here it is November and it appears that the 3.8.0-Beta2 version hasn't
> seen any further changes in over a year.
> Is the codebase in need of a new maintainer or ???
> Cheers.

Hi Jeff ! Please any core developer correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I
read, qualified maintainers are indeed welcome, especially for:

a) Versioning and cross-platform building process :
* motivation to invest in git + github is absolutely required, But also
importantly, means to test a Unix (Linux+mac) + Windows build process. Work on
all of this has been started by Clipka and he may even show up again once people
are ready to move the whole development process in that direction. AND once
point b and c are complete.

b) Updating current Macros (they also contain many typos) and integrate these
updates to the github repo.
[personal opinion:]
Thomas de Groot and Cousin Ricky have made great contributions, some of which
definitely would need to be added to main master since they are much more worth
it than current official ones. Also a lot of reaching out needs to be done to
relicence and also integrate or rewrite as fit to do so the "legendary" macros
such as lightsys etc. [:end personal opinion]

c) Documentation which is currently one of the biggest show slower/stopper
before release:
* Media Wiki is still currently one of the entry point tools where you can start
but draft paragraphs can even be proposed here. People have indeed complained
that docs where not updated everywhere but this needs to be formalized for every
point brought up. Made into high quality text and illustrations.[personal
opinion:] some illustrations have inddeed been lacking even for existing docs.
but more importantly the quality definitely needs to be improved to reflect pov
real artistic capacity. POV can no longer afford to look old.[:end personal
opinion] Once it is considered up to date, there is a process to convert the
wiki to offline help files that needs to be dust off, run and probably fixed.

In all of this the only part I can personnally help one with currently, are the
wiki and reaching out to specific people. Take care, thanks for your interest in
all this as people like you make POV what it is !

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