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From: HKarsten
Date: 18 Jul 2021 11:30:00
Message: <web.60f447b5d5a68e3b26873739ad2d5cff@news.povray.org>
By the way, I fully support Leroy at this point: PovRay is an old program. I am
using it since 1991! And there are a lot of tools, running under DOS, Win95,
So what if you can run PovRay on Vista, or Win7 up to Win10 or Win11 only?
Do you like to run an emulator within an emulator to run your tools one day?

The oldest program I am using is called "HLA" it's a DOS program. I can run
under DOS-Box, or still under Server2003 in a window. I am using it to produce
high-quality 16-Bit Grayscale High-Field-Maps with craters.
Just think of High-Fields for a moment: Most of the tools, producing 16-Bit
special PovRay-TGA-format! Which of these tools can run in a 64-Bit System??

You would need to forget about most of these tools. But these have just NO
replacement! The only one I know is "World Machine" and it's NO replacement for
HLA! It's just something more within the collection of possibilities. If you are
using high-field-tools, in fact you need to use everything you can get out there
from the last 30 years!

If you can't use all this within one system, it's going to become something
between difficult to freaky.

Best rgds, :)

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