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  blob casting incorrect shadows on itself  
From: Gergely Vandor
Date: 19 Jan 2002 20:48:24
Message: <Xns919C1CAA3E23Egerovandordatanethu@>
(3.5 b10 and 3.1g on w2k, Athlon)

This pretty blob object seems to cast incorrect shadows on itself. The shadows
received from other 
objects and those cast on other objects seem to be ok, but I'm not sure. (I'll try to
avoid jumping to 
conclusions this time.)

I'm not sure this is related to the problem already discussed, the surface appears to
be good in this case 
(and the components aren't very small either).

Thorsten, could you please let us know how high the priority of the blob bug(s) is (I
understand if you 
can't)? And if they are caused by the bezier optimizations (that's what I read
somewhere here), wouldn't 
it be a good idea to turn these optimizations off in future betas until the problem is
fixed? Thanks.

The scene:
camera { location <1,2,-5>*2 look_at 0 angle 30}

light_source { <10,3,-20> color rgb 1 }

blob {
threshold 2.6

sphere { 0, 4, strength 4 }
cylinder { <0,-1.2,0> <0,1.2,0>, 1.2, strength -1.2 }
cylinder { <0,-1.2,0> <0,1.2,0>, 1.2, strength -1.2 rotate x*90}
cylinder { <0,-1.2,0> <0,1.2,0>, 1.2, strength -1.2 rotate z*90}

pigment {color rgb 1}

Test render image so that you don't have to render it :


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