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  Mapping warp and render window bugs  
From: Coridon Henshaw
Date: 8 Jan 2002 23:50:17
Message: <Xns9190F27EBFE9Bcsbhccse@>
1) Selecting 'preserve contents during animation' from the render menu 
appears to have no effect when the animation options are specified in the 
commandline shortcut box.  The render window is repainted with the 
checkerboard pattern after each frame.  Animation options used: "+kfi0 
+kff27 +ki0 +kf27".

2) Maximizing the render window during a trace will occasionally leave a 
partial line of the checkerboard background visible on the line the 
renderer was generating when the render window was maximized.  The artifact 
disappears when the render is completed or when another window is dragged 
across it.  Possible fix: repaint the client area of the render window 
after it has been maximized.

3) Object lighting is calculated incorrectly when mapping warps are used in 
normals and the object is rotated.  This behavior does not appear to be 
specified in the documentation.

Example scene:

sphere {<0,0,0>, 1 pigment {rgb 0.5}
        scale <2.0/pi,0.5/pi,1 >*0.025
        warp {spherical orientation z}

    /* Render this scene without the rotate directive and compare the
       results. With rotation, the sphere is nearly black.*/
    rotate x*90

camera {location z*2.5 look_at 0} light_source {<0,0,1e6> rgb 1}

Povwin b9 under Win2K.

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