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  Re: Re-discovering issues with finding ini files in library path  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 2 May 2024 04:57:05
Message: <66335561$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/15/24 22:49, William F Pokorny wrote:
> The above said, the aim of this post is to document that I've found 
> issues with ini parsing error reporting when ini files are directly 
> included!

I believe these issues now fixed in the upcoming release R14 of yuqk.

> ...
> Because it's part of the 'ini' tofix pile and related, I'll toss out 
> again that the ini directory ordering, as affected by library paths, is 
> glitch-y. We should not be using the library search paths for ini files 
> at all, but rather only for include files.
> It believe it should always have been another path set up mechanism for 
> ini files (perhaps an INIPATH env var similar to PATH?). Or, no path 
> searching at all and just include_ini= or +ini usage. This latter 
> approach is how I plan to go with yuqk - though I've not yet worked out 
> the code changes to disable to sometimes searching of the library path 
> for ini files, so we'll see.

And with the library paths in v3.8+ onward(*); the problem with the ini 
search mechanism only picking up the first search directory in the set 
has been fixed for release R14 of yuqk.

While there are other fixes / changes in yuqk besides, I 'think' much 
can be had in official v3.8+ POV-Ray releases by simply adding the line:


just ahead of:

   if (POVMSAttr_GetUTF8String(&item,kPOVMSType_UCS2String,libpath) != 0)


   ITextStream *ProcessRenderOptions::OpenINIFileStream(...)

in the file:  source/frontend/processrenderoptions.cpp

Things go wrong in POVMSAttr_GetUTF8String() and the collection of 
functionality it calls in that the individual paths returned after the 
first are mangled / blended with prior results.

I've kept the now working library path searching in yuqk rather than 
create an alternate approach / method for it - though I think any 
eventual v4.0 offering should set up a separate 'ini path'.

(*) - The v3.8+ code is different than the v3.7 code. Unsure how v3.7 
works with respect to ini files and searching the specified library path.

Bill P.

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