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18 May 2024 15:37:51 EDT (-0400)
  Re-discovering issues with finding ini files in library path  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 20 Mar 2024 01:49:06
Message: <65fa78d2$1@news.povray.org>
Aside: New thread as original not recovered after the crash with respect 
to the news server itself, which leaves Thunderbird unable to continue it.



[insert long back story here] ... My thinking was the ini include 
searching of the library path was working fairly well despite what some 
had said.

I recently re-enabled the parsing of a users local povray.ini and 
povray.conf files stored in $HOME/.povray/3.8

Turns out. If the ini file you want isn't in your local directory - and 
the library path where it exists isn't the first listed in the reported 
library paths parsing cannot find it and dies.  :-(

The only immediately useful thing for those with $HOME/.povray 
povray.ini files, you can use the shipped ini files if you change:




With that change I'm able to run the following (reminder yuqk is 
linux/unix only):

     yuqk playpen.pov include_ini="quickres.ini[1024x768, AA 0.3]"


     yuqkZ playpen.pov +ini"quickres.ini[1024x768, AA 0.3]"

Of course, with that set up you can then only reach local directory ini 
files afterward because those are all that will be found.

I was getting fooled as to the state of things. I mostly run without 
$HOME./povray local povray.ini and povray.conf file. So, when I added 
the ini included directory to the library path files, things worked - 
because that path happened to be the first in the list of library 

Bill P.

Aside(2): The yuqk fork itself does not ship the ini directory of files 
at present. They existing ones are very much out of date.

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