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14 Apr 2024 13:56:54 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Stream <type>_file=false ini options not working.  
From: Thorsten
Date: 1 Mar 2024 13:32:24
Message: <65e21f38$1@news.povray.org>
On 01.03.2024 15:58, William F Pokorny wrote:
> It looks like these options have not functioned correctly since at least 
> v3.7.
> I have not yet fixed them the yuqk fork - the fix priority is low.
> The options in particular are:
> all_file=false
> debug_file=false
> fatal_file=false
> render_file=false
> statistic_file=false

I think this is more a documentation error remaining than a missing 
feature. All this would do is turn OFF output to a file, which already 
will only be written if it is specified in the first place ... what does 
work is setting this to an empty string.

However, if you wanted to implement "false" it, it should be in 
frontend/renderfrontend.cpp method RenderFrontendBase::CreateScene

Find the line
== true)

and add a case for IsFalse that sets the 
shd.streamnames[gStreamNumber[i]] to an empty string.


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