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  Re: Possible v3,8 b2ta 2 fix for "Borked diacritical marks"  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 7 Apr 2023 09:45:59
Message: <64301e97$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/7/23 07:27, jr wrote:
> think this is really important, and useful, and so hope you will find the time
> to "back-port".  (thank you, in advance)

The particular change there was one of Christoph's which got backed out 
for the v3.8 release. The READSHORT() and READUSHORT() arguments need to 
be changed to what they are in the v3.8 beta 2 code. I didn't notice the 
argument change as it has nothing to do with the fix.

In any case, I had a current local copy of the v3.8 beta 2 unix/linux 
tar ball. Attached is a unified diff patch file. It should be Chris, or 
whomever, can use it to apply the fix to the current v3.8 beta 2 
truetype.cpp file and compile. I ran one of my test sets (vowels with 9 
Ubuntu shipped fonts) and results looked OK.

patch truetype.cpp <borked_ttf.patch

Bill P.

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